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Safe Vacation Travel Tips You Need To Know

Did you know that the average American travels 1,045 miles to reach a vacation destination? Unfortunately, because of the excitement to get there on time and let the fun and relaxation begin, most people fail to have their cars' tires checked before hitting the road. Improper tire depth or tire damage could eventually lead to genuine disasters on the road. Drivers re responsible for closely monitoring the pressure in the tires and search for signs of tears or punctures on a monthly basis. Only 48 percent of travelers inspect their vehicle's tires before a big trip and a long drive. Do you count among them? What else do you think you should do to ensure a safe trip?

Get Your Tires Checked!

Check The Locks/Keys On Your Car

Always park in the shade, and opt for secured parking lots. Choose well-lit areas with guards on the premises if you need to park overnight. Try not to overload the car or you will deform the tires. Inspect the lock on the trunk, as you will be using it to store your bags and other items you will not want to have stolen.