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Plan A Wedding Ceremony On A Budget

bride and groomAverage wedding ceremonies are extremaly expensive events that cost much money not only to the bride and groom, but also to their families. That’s a reason why many couplets decide to postpone the day of their church wedding – a choice that influences our present day’s society.

Too many people are on a budget and they fear that they can’t organize a perfect wedding day with their limited finances. Are you in the same situation? Would you like to plan your wedding ceremony without to spend tons of money? Well, you are on the right webpage… this article is all for you!

Our Tips To Plan A Great Wedding Day (Without Getting Into Debt)

If you are worried about your wedding day because of costs and expenses, you can now breathe a sigh of relief, as it’s always possible to save money on even a big event like a wedding ceremony. If you don’t believe, just check our list of tips for a cool wedding on a small budget:

  1. When to marrywinter wedding
    A large part of the costs for a wedding ceremony relies on the season when you decide to marry. Spring and fall are the most chosen seasons of the year to celebrate wedding events – and as a consequence, wedding planners and wedding service firms charge a higher cost in those seasons.
    Why don’t you plan to marry out of season? Ever though of a winter wedding? Or why don’t you marry on a weekday instead of the weekend? You should seriously consider these alternative ideas to start to save a significant amount of money.

  2. Making invitations
    Another large amount of money is usually spent on guests. It’s obvious that if you invite hundreds people you will have to spend more on restaurant menu and other services. Make a list of the people whom you would like to invite at your wedding, then make a selection and come out with a smaller list of people whom you can’t avoid to invite anyway. Try to keep your wedding ceremony intimate: you will save money while creating a lovely and caring atmosphere among you and your guests.

  3. Wedding dress
    It’s not a mystery that women love to wear a dreamy, enchanting and wonderful wedding dress… probably, they’ve been dreaming to wear such a dress since they were little girls! Beyond going to local bridal shops to buy a wedding dress, you can also consider alternative ideas, like having the dress confectionated by a relative of yours or a friend of yours who can do such a job. You may also buy a used wedding dress and have it adjusted to your body size by a tailor. Or you may also decide to rent a wedding dress (there are bridal shops that offer a renting service, too). Finally, you may choose to buy your wedding dress on eBay from Chinese sellers (they are cheap and very beautiful, but you have to plan the purchase at least one month in advance because the shipping times may be long).

  4. Wedding invitationswedding invitation
    Wedding invitations might be costy, as well. Moreover, you may not like the models that the market offers. A very nice and affordable idea to save money and get the most beautiful wedding invitation card is to create one yourself or to have someone draw it for you. In the web you will find tons of cool templates to choose in, you can customize your invitation card adding names and wedding time and location. is a site with high quality printing cards – just take a look!
    Maybe you’d love to go modern for your wedding, if so feel free to send your guests a virtual invitation card (called “e-vite”) via the internet. You will have them get a nice surprise!

  5. Look for a unique venue
    Many people prefer casino hotels than wedding venues because of their majestic halls and also because the guests can have a good time playing roulette and poker… just like it happens in the best casino movies on Did you know that gambling is booming even among Arab-speaking people in Middle East? Well, that’s true and if you have someone from Middle East among your guests, you now know that they might enjoy playing some casino games on your wedding party!

  6. Music and dance
    Plan your wedding party by choosing the best music and songs and… if you know someone among your guests and relatives has some skill as a DJ or singer, catch the opportunity and ask them to play music or sing a song at your wedding party!

As you can see, there are many ways to save money and plan a wonderful wedding day on a budget… just use your imagination and never miss a chance to save money!